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July 2014
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A bit late this month, but as usual here are the monthly community updates!

General Updates
  • The RSS feeds at the top of the home page have been removed. It could only fit 4 different game modules without looking messy, and even then not all of our chapters had available RSS feeds, so I decided to remove it. I will be adding something soon to replace it and keep the home page looking fresh!

  • Rift's Nightmare Tide expansion has been announced, and it has sharks!
  • We recently promoted some new senior officers! Silkhands, Dianthus, Niclas and Starch have all been promoted and should be able to handle any issue you can throw at them!
  • A second GA run has begun on Tuesday nights, as well as a new IG run on Wednesdays. Be sure to check the forums and talk with the raid leaders if you'd like to get in and participate in these runs, though be sure to talk to your class lead first to get approved!

  • Wildstar, wildstar, wildstar. Good lord has it grown recently. I want to put up a big round of applause for the Wildstar chapter. A month ago I was a bit afraid that we had decided on the details of the guild too late and it would be a very rough launch for the guild, however, a month later it is sporting over 350 members, all with great activity!
  • Wildstar does need more officers, so if you're interested please voice that to Total.
  • More and more guild members are hitting 50, and its time to go through attunement! The guild is at a stage where it is pushing to get people through attunement and many of the officers will be looking to go through adventures and dungeons to help achieve attunement for those that need it.
  • 1.1 is out and with it both Blighthaven and Northern Wastes were added!
  • There have been lots of reports of compromised accounts within the past few weeks, so please consider adding Two Factor Authentication to your account. Those who do will even receive a bonus mount for doing so once it is added!

  • SquareEnix just released their newest content patch, adding a new level to Crystal Tower, a new primal, new dungeons/HMs, PvP etc.
  • Talamira and Mayrin have been working hard to revive the FFXIV Chapter, if you are also interested in playing FFXIV and being a part of the chapter again, lend whatever help you can to them to reboot the FC!

  • Trion just recently released patch 1.2 which added a ton of balance fixes to the game preparing it for launch, though unfortunately it also added 70,000 new sound files to be translated.
  • Beta has been postponed for the time being due to the aforementioned files to be translated, but we can hope it will be soon!
  • Trion opened a new server, Omega, to balance out the immense population currently on the alpha servers.
  • We have already picked up some members and Dio has been promoted to acting leader for the time being as neither me nor Bero want to burn out on ArcheAge before launch. She has been the one finding members and helping people out, so give her props for helping the guild make its mark in Alpha!

This news post may be updated soon as well to clarify things, especially regarding the FF Chapter if recruitment takes off, but for now that's it. I hope you guys have had fun the past month in Philanthropy and look forward to the new changes for your respective chapters, or all of them!
Hey guys, as promised I'll be giving monthly updates about the community and what's going on, so lets get to it!

General Updates
As previously mentioned in our first (recent) news post, we had a lot of updates to the website and more are coming!
IMPORTANT: Mumble users have been getting a bit too lax about talking in game channels about any variety of games or topics. This is especially bad in the EVE and FFXIV channels, if you want to talk about a game either go to its specific channel (or Other Games General) or you can go to a General Mix Chat channel if everyone wants to talk together.

  • Rift patch 2.7 was released a few weeks ago, and with it we've definitely seen a lot of changes, who knew rogues could heal so well?!
  • Shortly after the update, our FFXIV leader, Talamira, gave out a pack of the new 2.7 souls! Silkhands won a raffle for the souls. Congratulations, I hope you've been enjoying them Silk!
  • Other than that Rift seems to be running smoothly, and raids are going as strong as ever!

  • Wildstar was released yesterday, 5/31 as a midnight launch!
  • We have rolled as Exiles on the server Caretaker
  • Our current leaders are Total and Spoony (spoonybard in-game)
  • As of this post, the guild is up whisper Total, Spoonybard or Kaloryth to get an invite. Or pop into mumble and make some noise.

  • Craglorn update has been released!
  • The update introduced several bug fixes (though apparently it also added new bugs), a new zone, some new veteran dungeons and 12 man trials..
  • If you can please get on mumble! We've had only a small portion of our ESO chapter on mumble at any time.
  • I believe Keito would like to get into end game as soon as possible so if you're interested please notify Keito and try your hardest to get in there so things can get running!

  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has currently hit a rough patch for our chapter, but Talamira and May are working as hard as ever to get things going once again. They do need your help though so if you have anything to say, head over to the FFXIV section of our forums and add your input!

  • EVE is still mostly an unofficial game for Philanthropy but it has been wildly popular with a good portion of the non-Rift players in mumble lately and if you'd like to join it you should definitely join them!
  • Berotort reactivated an old corp "Red Horse Incorporated" with everyone getting back into the game and has gathered everyone into it, but he does not exactly want to bring our normal Philanthropy ideals into EVE due to its nature as a game, thus it will most likely remain an unofficial part of the guild.

  • ArcheAge is still in alpha but beta should be coming soon in mid June or July, keep an eye out if you wish to get into the beta and play!
  • If you're interested in ArcheAge keep in mind you can either buy into the alpha, buy into the beta, or sign up for the beta. You can also get free keys off of TwitchTV giveaways if you're lucky!

That's all for now, and if you feel anything else should be added to the news post feel free to contact me at any point. I also appreciate updates from chapter leads so I can keep these community updates coming and accurate! Thanks.

Cyro-Nydd Thanks for the post! Love the scope of the Philanthropy gaming community!
~Zylia~ I love the updates and layout of the site. Looks really good.
Dionysia a Yay! Thank you for posting this.

Guild Community Update

Lucent a posted May 23, 14
Hello Everyone!

First of all I want to say, news updates are going to be coming a lot more often. We haven't really used news before, until now, but we want to start focusing more on working as a community and one of the ways to do that is to provide community-wide updates. From now on we will be providing a news update every month or so! This first one is a bit of a test, but we do have some things to mention.

Website Changes:
You may have already noticed my thread indicating website changes were coming, but here are some of the specifics.
  • Added a new module for RSS feeds of the games we are currently following. I'd like to keep it to only 4 games, so while we may be playing other games here and there, the RSS feeds will come from the top 4 games in our community. This may take some time to be fully operational as I'm having trouble finding feeds for certain games.
  • News section will now be used and regularly updated
  • Will be adding banners for our major chapters as well as for news entries
  • Forum theme undergoing adjustments
  • The website is now going to be a lot more focused on the Philanthropy community as a whole. Before it still felt like a Rift website with other games added in, and while Rift is still our largest and most important chapter, we feel like the website needs to encompass all of our chapters and provide useful information for anyone visitors.

More will come, the next update will probably be in a week or less, encompassing news from each chapter, but I will have to talk to the chapter leads first.

Lucent a I spy a Dirtykyd who needs to come back
Dirtykyd What is this!? I fear change. I'm not sure if I should destroy you all... or revel in the glory of the new shiny site. C ...
Shady Awesome job Lucent, thank you.
We are on Alpha, not on the betas much at all. Launch servers have not been announced. Pick a beta server and we will try to find you.
On ArcheAge what server exactly will you guys be playing on?
Having computer issues. Not sure when I will be back in game.
[link] BETA KEYS HERE for ArcheAge
Hope your arm gets better Corlyssa!
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